All about me

The very first memory I have is of my dad, carrying me away from a small mid- terraced house, somewhere in Middlesex.

I’m three, and we’re leaving, moving to a new home in Wokingham. I missed that old house for years, especially its long garden, that had an apple tree at the end.

And, when I come to think of it, you can plot my life around the homes I’ve lived in.

I remember smoking as I watched my parents drive away from my Halls at Warwick University where I studied creative writing.

I remember practicing shorthand for hours on the top floor of a mansion in Gosforth, Newcastle, where I was training to be a journalist.

I remember my journalist salary barely covering the rent on my one bed flat I was renting from a friend in Maidenhead.

So, I left journalism for a corporate job at Thames Water, then the Environment Agency, because I’d met a girl and we wanted to buy a house together.

After a few years I joined the Homes and Communities Agency, first covering the south east and then managing the national communications team in London.

And housing has become a passion.

Now I’m at Sovereign, the sixth largest housing association in the country, telling stories about the difference that good housing makes.

But decent, affordable homes is out of reach for so many. My family can’t afford to expand our home as our family grows, and if it’s out of reach for us, it must be a dream for those just starting out.

So, I want to tell stories, build relationships, make change happen. To end the housing crisis.

And ensure more people get the chance to have a place to create great memories, and achieve those everyday aspirations. 

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