If Theresa May wants to build a country that works for everyone, she should come and talk with housing associations. That’s what we do.

  • One of the most successful private/public partnerships, mixing social conscience with commercial skill
  • Manage 2.5m homes for 5m people across England
  • Provide homes for all of society, for the young and old, for those starting out or those that need a bit of extra help
  • Built 46,000 affordable homes for people in housing need last year, to rent or buy – that’s 37% of all homes built
  • Work hard, alongside local authorities and partners, to make great places to live and work
  • Generated £3bn of surplus, a profit for a purpose, which is reinvested in homes and services
  • For those that need it, work with residents on employment and skills to help them back to work or retrain for a new career
  • Invested £1.9bn in existing homes, including keeping bills down by making homes more energy efficient
  • Major employers, investing in local communities and businesses, improving estates, bringing groups together and working to tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Directly employed 12,000 apprentices over the last three years
  • Built 3,500 market rent or outright sale – providing good landlord services for those in private rent

Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments section below.

As demand and prices continue to rise, quality and affordable housing remains out of reach for many.

It’s #housingday. Today, be proud of what the sector does, enjoy the stories, and then get back to it.

Work hard and try new ways to be better, more efficient, more effective, so that we can do more for people. Build more homes, invest more, make more of a difference for our current residents – as well as that growing group of people in need of a housing association home.

(Sources: A mixture of National Housing Federation, DCLG and the Homes and Communities Agency.)

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